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Frequent questions

Are Assepsan treatments toxic to humans or pets?
No way. Assepsan uses state-of-the-art products, of an ecological nature or of minimum toxicity with HA classification, that is, suitable for use in kitchens, dining rooms or places where food is served or handled. There is no toxicity for babies, pregnant women, pets or the general public.

Should I leave home for the duration of the performance?
No, in the majority of cases. Only on exceptional occasions we use products with security deadlines that never exceed 12 hours.

Should I remove food from cupboards or cupboards?
No, the products that Assepsan uses, unlike other companies in the sector, are innocuous and have a great attractive power for the plague. They will act independently of the presence of food without contaminating them at all.

Are Assepsan treatments punctual for the pest that I have or are they also preventive?
It depends; Assepsan offers a wide range of treatments of the two classes and it is the client who chooses the product. Preventive treatments assure between one year and 10 years of control, depending on the invasive species.

If I have made a preventive treatment with Assepsan and then I see some cockroach Does this mean that the treatment has not worked?
No way. Assepsan treatments guarantee a minimum period of 12 months during which no cockroach will nest in your home or business; however, we can not guarantee that none will enter from outside, as a fly or mosquito could enter. However, once inside it will eat the product that Assepsan located in the key points and will die.

Should I close my business while the performance lasts?
No. We use products compatible with daily activity and if there is an exceptional case in which we use a product with a 12-hour safety term, our technicians have absolute time adaptability.

I have done a treatment against woodworm and I see sawdust and some flying worms. Does this mean that the treatment has not been effective?
Absolutely. With a life cycle that goes from the year in the small woodworm to the more than 10 years that may live to Capricorn or large woodworm, it is possible that some beetles reach adulthood and emerge from the wood after treatment. However, both when making the exit hole and at the time of depositing the eggs, they will come into contact with the treated wood and die, thus breaking the life cycle and ending the infestation.

I have a dog / pet and I think I have rodents at home; Can I perform a risk-free treatment for my pets?
No problems Our rodent baits go in homologous pet-proof safety baits.

And if you have any other question or doubt simply contact us through our telephone 606 173 486 or our mail ; Our will is to help you in everything we can.