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Legionella is a Gram negative rod-shaped bacteria (cylindrical). It breeds in stagnant to ºT preferably higher than 35 and some species affect humans causing various symptomatology and even death waters. It is because of recent mass infections in spas, hotels etc. that legislation has hardened lot and establishments requires a comprehensive risk facilities inspection by professionals.

The only professional who can make a certification is the degree in pharmacy, he is the ultimate professional who determines the safety and installation. Risk installations water systems of large buildings, hotels, gyms, campsites, holiday camps etc., hospitals, humidifiers, spray machines and irrigation, spas (jacuzzis ...) and hot springs are considered. Air conditioning systems are a significant source of legionella.

Assepsan technicians are licensed pharmacy and will be they who will come to your home or property to conduct inspections and be they who shall make the relevant reports and extend the corresponding certificates.

What can you do Assepsan for you?
- Implementation of treatments for the prevention and control of legionellosis.
- Cleaning and disinfection by shock treatments.
- Plan and manage water analytics.
- Accredited analytical.
- Proper dosing and biocides.
- Delivery of book keeping.
- Delivery of all relevant documentation (diagnostics, etc. certifications).
- Mandatory Periodic reviews and hygiene controls.
- Assistance in case of health inspections or similar.
- Practical training maintenance personnel. Assepsan are forming entity and conduct courses (Legionella and other ...) that are hardenable through the Tripartite Foundation for Employment Training so that your company competitive at no cost to you. We manage all paperwork and formalities for free.
- Guarantee full compliance with the legal framework.
Do not hesitate to contact us by calling 649 194777 or writing to to request a quote. Our technicians will be happy to visit and propose solutions that best suit your establishment or business.