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Training is essential to ensure the efficacy, safety and quality of the processes of any business tool. And as a regulatory requirement, the company is responsible for ensuring that all staff meets some training needs.

In Assepsan we help you to identify training needs of their staff at all levels from the operator to the management and direction. We will elaborate an annual training plan and carry practical implementation thereof. We have training rooms and training to certify documentary material, but we are strongly committed to monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan, applying appropriate corrective measures if appropriate.

It should also be noted that many of the courses are completely free of charge as they are subsidized by the administration. Since Assepsan will manage and carry out all formalities necessary for the company to benefit from these advantages.

The scope of the performance of Assepsan to train their staff:

- Food Handling

- Iso 9001

- ISO 22000


- Prerequisites and self-monitoring

- Occupational hazards

- Other ...